September 14, 2019

#Stonecation – Patagonia, Chile.

As summer is winding down it’s only appropriate that we gear up for a #Stonecation – this time we head to Patagonia, Chile. The Patagonia area covers the southernmost tip of South America and is shared by Argentina and Chile, divided naturally by the Andes mountains. The Chile area of Patagonia is home to the ​Capillas de Marmol, a​ series of sculpted marble caves situated in the middle of General Carrera Lake deep in the heart of Patagonia. The ​Cathedral​, the ​Chapel​, and the ​Cave​ are the three distinct formations of this natural wonder that has formed over the past six thousand years by the relentless action of the lake waves.

Hues of vivid blue including sapphire, seafoam greens, and turquoise captivate the minds of those daring to make the arduous trip to see the Marble Caves which are accessible only by boat. General Carrera Lake is glacier-fed and the abundance of glacial silt within the water plays a vital role in the brilliant blue color of the waters circling within the caves. Sunlight streaming into the cave openings reflects off the water, bathing the walls of the cave with brilliant shades and patterns of blue. Seasonality is an important factor in determining which blue colors you will see – in springtime the lower water levels wash the caves in a stunning turquoise, while the higher water levels of summer produce a deep and rich blue hue.