October 14, 2019

The Perfect Finish For Your Slab

Gone are the days of the cookie-cutter highly polished speckled granite slabs adorning every newly crafted space. Today there are more choices of natural stone than ever before.

When choosing how to incorporate natural stone into your next space it is important to consider the different options of slab finishes.

Polished Finish:
The ​Natural Stone Institute​ categorizes a polished finish as a glossy surface that reflects light and emphasizes the color and markings of the material. Polished slabs will vividly reflect the details, variations of color and hue, and veining structure of the stone. A polished finish is reminiscent of a gleaming downtown office lobby, or a sleek modern apartment bathroom.

Honed Finish:
A honed finish creates a satin, smooth surface that has an incredible feel and timeless look. The soft matte surface reflects light differently than a polished finish so the depth of color and hue and the contrast in veining patterns often appear more muted and subtle. This finish is less slippery than a polished finish making it a superior choice for any flooring applications. A honed finish is the ideal choice for those looking to use marble in the kitchen because the matte sheen of the honed finish camouflages the dull marks left behind by etching from acidic products reacting with the calcium in marble and limestone.

Leathered Finish:
A leathered finish can elevate the beauty of a natural stone by drawing out the textural characteristics of the stone structure. A leathered finish is produced by removing the softer elements of the slab composition and is particularly effective on dramatic and exciting materials like quartzite. The luster of the stone may contain a trace of luminescence, but with a muted background similar to a honed finish. A leathered finish is a great choice for busy families who want peace of mind without sacrificing style.

The type of finish on your stone is dependent on your design aesthetic, the type of natural stone you have selected, and the application in which you use natural stone. Whichever finish you choose, United Marble has the experience and the equipment necessary to produce the perfect finish for your stone surface.